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Rank One Health is the new health care app
focused on improving quality of care for K-12 students.

Healthy = Activity

Parents, teachers, coaches, and administrators devote their lives and livelihoods to ensuring students receive the best educational and extracurricular resources—but in order for students to achieve excellence in school, sports, and other events, they must first be healthy.

Rank One Health is a new health care app that, when combined with Rank One, improves care, quality and coordination for K-12 student injuries, so students miss fewer class days. It standardizes protocols, ensures HIPAA and FERPA- compliance and secure communications, and can reduce time to care – helping students and student athletes get back on the field and back in the classroom fast.


Rank One and Rank One Health work best when they work together.

The two best apps in student health and athletics are teaming up for better healthcare and compliance. Rank One Health is seamlessly integrated with Rank One, the largest sports team management app, for streamlined scheduling, injury and illness documentation and secure communication.

  • Streamlined Scheduling
  • Seamless Integration
  • App Notifications
  • Custom Support


Seamless Communication

Rank One makes it easy for parents, student athletes, coaches, athletic trainers, school nurses and healthcare providers to stay connected and informed over one secure, easy-to-use platform.


FERPA and HIPAA Compliant

All in-app messaging is FERPA and HIPAA secure and compliant.


Better Care, Fast

When students become injured or ill at school, every minute makes a difference. Rank One Health provides real-time access to a trusted network of physicians and medical professionals who can provide expert care. It also helps schools stay informed about illnesses on campus in real time, to prevent the spread of sickness.


Professional Protocols

Rank One Health was developed in collaboration with the Children’s Health Andrews Institute for Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine, and follows protocols established by the institute.


Proven Performance

When it comes to protecting student health, knowledge is power – and with Rank One Health, healthcare teams, including coaches, trainers and school nurses, can access injury information and historical injury data to expedite care plans.

How can Rank One Health Help You?

School Administrators

As a leader in your school or district, you help ensure students receive the best education and resources to achieve success. Of course, for students to learn, they need to be healthy and in class. That’s where Rank One comes in.
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Athletic Directors

As an Athletic Director, you manage a team of people committed to making your student athletic program the best it can be. So, anything you can do to make their jobs easier, will make your life easier, too.
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Athletic Trainers

Athletic trainers work hard to improve injury care for student athletes. Now, there’s a new app that makes your job easier, while making student injury care easier and more efficient.
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Your child’s health is our number-one goal. At Rank One, we are committed to improving quality of care, accelerating time to care, and protecting privacy for injured students.
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Physicians and health care providers help students stay healthy and at the top of their game, in and out of the classroom—and now, there’s a new app that makes it easy to reach more patients, while making student health care better.
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